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Euro-batten is a popular finishing material used in remodeling works, construction of houses and production facilities.

Euro-batten has several advantages over standard board. First, there are air ducts which allow to extend the product life. Second, euro-batten contributes to better microclimate control. This material is resistant to rapid changes in humidity and temperature. The wall will preserve its attractive exterior appearance, and the thermal loss will be minimal.

The house with euro-batten cladding is extremely comfortable for living. Thanks to excellent thermal insulation, the owners can save money on heating.

In terms of strength, larch decking is equivalent to oak. Moreover, due to tarring, its ruggedness only increases with time. In comparison with other conifers, all characteristics of larch are much better.

The advantage of this wood species is the presence of phytoncides (natural antioxidants), which favorably affect the nervous system.

The resin contained in the wood fiber protects timber from bug damage, which reduces the costs of chemical treatment of boards and makes them more natural.

Larch has a beautiful exterior with a light reddish hue and clearly defined layers.