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Glued laminated timber (beams)

Glued laminated beams are among the most popular materials in wooden house construction. They are manufactured via gluing lamellas. The blanks are usually made from conifers. Before gluing the boards are treated with antiseptic and fireproof solutions.
It must be noted that beams made from glued lamellas are mostly not influenced by deformation processes. Glued profiled beam provides for a snug fit and increases provides a snug fit and improves the insulation characteristics. Thanks to these factors, a 200 mm-thick wooden wall is equivalent to a 500 mm-thick brick laying.
The customers can assembly the house without assistance from specialists. It is quite simple to install any kind of electrical wiring too — during the laying out of the beams special channels are cut into the connecting ends. 
• high quality of cut lumber;
• stability of geometric dimensions;
• ruggedness;
• small shrinkage;
• compliance with heat engineering standards;
• needs no finishing;
• ease of assembly.