At present more and more people are building their own houses. This contributes both to their respectability and comfort. Modern technology allows one to equip the house with all the necessary communications, and also live in the country, in a quiet and peaceful place.

When building a house, it is important to take into consideration not only durability and strength, but also eco-friendliness of the construction material. By all means, timber is an environmentally safe material.

Coniferous wood, like larch, is ideally suited to the climate of the Amur Region. The resins and essential oils of this kind of timber allow to minimize the moisture attack.

If you choose to build a house from natural wood, you won't need to worry about interior finish. The facade of the house can be complemented by natural stone finish (which also protects buildings from humidity and erosion).

Our company has its own construction brigades, which can build a house according to a custom or standard turn-key project. In addition to this, we manufacture self-assembly house kits.

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